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Are you thinking of revamping your exteriors and need professional painting contractor to do it for you? By asking Coastal Coatings Inc their rates and booking an appointment for your renovation schedule, you can leave the job to pros that have the experience and years in the industry in Harvey LA to do it for you. For your sand blasting and painting needs, you don’t have to worry at all, simply engage us, Coastal Coatings Inc in an exchange with the ideas you have and find solutions together to enhance your establishment. With many years of experience, expect to have good service and satisfaction from us.

We can provide you professional sandblasting services

  • We cater to the industrial & oil field services;
  • We blast & paint steel, fiberglass, aluminum & stainless steel (like skid packages, volume tanks, diving chambers, steel plates, pipes, fittings, winches, cranes & parts);
  • We also do patio furniture, motor bike & parts, car rims, car trailer, boat trailers;

Sandblasting services in progressPainting need not be big trouble for you. As a business owner or manager, we understand that you have many other tasks to take care of, so allow Coastal Coatings Inc to take care of all your exterior painting needs and give you a satisfied service. We offer paint mixing, applying and give the right treatment to your establishment. Previous clients are also very satisfied with our consultation and maintenance. We work with you to decide and provide professional looking exteriors and at very affordable costs, so you will not worry about going over the budget for your painting plans. The ambiance and appeal of your establishment plays a big part in attracting customers and clients and renovating is not a minimal job. Let Coastal Coatings Inc work with your space and provide an outstanding, professional painting job. Call at (504) 367-1723 today or visit them at Harvey LA to inquire about their offers.

by J. YATES on Coastal Coatings Inc
Excellent work!

As a manager of a factory I know how important a review can be, therefore this is the best thing I can do to thank Coastal Coatings Inc staff. They did a brilliant sandblasting job. They worked really fast and precise and they were always friendly to my employees... Read more reviews

sandblasting metalDo you have faded, peeling walls and doors? Is your inside or outside paint looking dingy and dirty? Our painting service has what you need. We will scrape away the peeling paint and we’ll make everything look brand new.

We can do industrial painting in Harvey LA for a low cost. Our painting contractor keep any furniture or equipment you may have clean and free of any splatters from paint. We will move and cover your belongings so you are not left with paint-splattered items. We will cover the floors and do the job in a jiffy. Our commercial painters in Harvey LA are professional. We do an excellent job and take attention to all the little details. The paint on your trim will shine. We guarantee we will paint your walls whatever color you pick. We can do both inside and outside industrial painting in Harvey LA.

Give Coastal Coatings Inc a call today for a free price quote. We can perform whatever type of specialty industrial painting you desire. We have many satisfied customers. We have been satisfying customers with our commercial painting for 45 years. Give us a call today. You’ll be happy you did after you see the quality painting we perform in Harvey LA.

We are the proper choice for sand blasting services

To achieve painting contracts we use a wide variety of industrial preparation systems including a variety of industrial protective coatings and shot blast cleaning.

Industrial painting requires a four-step process that our knowledgeable technicians and expert can perform effectively and efficiently. The first step is to make sure the surface is completely dry, to ensure there is no moisture present and enable a strong bond between the coating and surface.

We will remove all surface contamination by shot blasting sand, walnut shells & glass beads, sanding or any other necessary technique. The third stage requires us to clean and prime the surface and abrade it to roughen and create a profile ready for coating.

Coastal Coatings Inc industrial painters will then complete the decorative work using the appropriate high-quality finishes.

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